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Push SMS Platform for Pro

Strong of nine years of experience and more than 15,000 Customers worldwide, SmsEnvoi.com is Stood out as major in the market of Marketing SMS. Its platform intended in Professionals of the sector of the Marketing SMS reveals as very intuitive and proposes of numerous features as the Push SMS thanks to one Marketing segmentation of your contacts’ lists. Do not wait any more, TEST IT FOR FREE!

Presentation of SmsEnvoi

Buy Pack SMS containing a certain amount of SMS or Buy SMS singly are surprisingly simple on Smsenvoi.com. Send according to your needs in SMS campaigns. The higher pack you take, the lower the SMS would cost. Our SMS rate lists are very competitive. Try our solution of marketing SMS campaigns and get an impressive return on investment. Sending SMS becomes very simple! The SMS delay by internet is very fast. The rate of SMS sending is 1 000 000 SMS / HOUR, that is 300 SMS / dry. Send SMS to all your list of SMS customers in a short time.

You can test this solution of SMS campaigns on request. We’ll credit you 5 SMS on request by e-mail after your registration. The interface of SMS campaigns is very simple and adapted as well to the novices as to the professionals of the marketing SMS. No software of SMS sending is to be installed on your computer./p >

The only web site proposing you the system of SMS campaigns in the unity. Order exactly the number of SMS you need. Choose the Pack which corresponds to your needs. Several packs of push SMS are at your disposal. The duration of validity of packs is UNLIMITED. The price lists of Push SMS which we propose are already very low. Furthermore, this solution is adapted to every kind of activity: major accounts, advertising agency, ready-to-wear clothing, communication agency, clubs, special event management (cf Applications)

Get a complete management and an autonomy via your customer interface of marketing SMS. You can create your customers' list one by one, or still download your customers' list on the Web site (file .xls or .xlsx) "to send your SMS mailing. Register in the first column the telephone numbers for your SMS batch towards which you wish to send SMS and to the second column (optional), the names of these people if you wish to make an SMS mailing. Furthermore, our platform of push SMS deletes automatically all the doubles of your lists customers of SMS batch, and manages all the formats of phone numbers! (0620202020, …)/p >

Our solution of push SMS allows you to optimize your SMS campaign and to make a real mailing by SMS during your SMS batch. You can personalize your SMS campaign according to the name of your customer for example. Your SMS mailing will be more personalized and your customers will have the impression to receive a dedicated SMS. / p > p style ='text-align:justify text-align:justify; ' > on the other hand, it is possible to send SMS the by replacing the Sender Id number by the name of your company during your SMS mailing. Indeed, the SMS received by your customers will thus be of better quality and will give to your company a dynamic image. The Premium push SMS is the best proposed range. Your SMS campaign by Internet gets ready in a short time. Our tool of filter of push SMS will allow you to select the customers whom you wish to target according to several criterias of SMS Marketing.

Customers of SMSEnvoi.com, you are able to reach an interface of management of your lists of contacts of push SMS very simply Indeed, when one of your customers does not wish to receive any more from SMS you can add or delete a member of this push SMS mailing. This list of marketing SMS customers can be updated and crushed by a new customer database SMS. / P sending > p style ='text-align:justify text-align:justify; ' > the management of the lists of contact of SMS sending is very intuitive on our platform of SMS sending by Internet. She allows you to delete doubles before your SMS mailing, to export your lists of contacts after your SMS mailing, and to consult the list of Opt’out received per list of contacts after your SMS mailing. Sending a campaign SMS via our platform is very simple.

This Solution is WITHOUT COMMITMENT. No subscription or additional contribution will be asked you. It is a very flexible solution that commits you to nothing. You can join SMSEnvoi to send SMS push. Once your Pack of SMS is finished, you can or not buy SMS. Load your account of push SMS very simply. We propose you several methods of payment: by CB ( secure means of payment ), check, or bank transfer. / p > p style ='text-align:justify text-align:justify; ' > the duration of your SMS sending is unlimited and allows you to spread your campaigns SMS over time, do not wait any more, test the best SMS Platform.

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